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Get your facts straight

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Nothing irks me more than when some talking heads on TV is spouting off some opinions and then NOT using the right facts! A good example is California Congressman Adam Schiff who was on Fox and Friends (DirecTV channel 360) this morning. The topic up for debate was… of course… OIL. Anyway, the discussion was about the ban on offshore drilling for oil. Congressman Schiff was against offshore drilling and he noted, correctly I might add, that the US only has 1% to 3% of world oil reserve while we consume 25% of the world’s oil. Sneaky slight of hand there Congressman, but that’s not the question here, now is it? First the facts. Per the CIA World Fact Book:


World Total

United States

Proven Oil Reserves

1,331,000 million bbl

21,760 million bbl (1.64%)

Oil Production

78.9 million bbl/day

8.322 million bbl/day (10.55%)

Oil Consumption

80.29 million bbl/day

20.8 million bbl/day (25.91%)

The real question is not related to oil reserves, but production instead. See, you cannot contrast reserves against consumption just to make a point when the question on the table is about production. What Congressman Schiff should have done was to use our production figures i.e. 10.55% instead. Instead, by contrasting reserves to consumption, it makes the cause look so much more hopeless and daunting. In his words “even IF we do this, we still only have 1 to 3 percent of the world’s oil.” True, but producing an addition 1 million bbl/day would reduce our reliance on foreign oil by no less than 8.01%. Now I agree that we consume way, way more oil than we produce. I agree we should reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I agree we can and should reduce our consumption, so please, no hate mail OK? 😉 But reducing consumption AND increasing production together should be used to address the current energy crisis.

There are always three sides to every story. Your side, my side and the truth. In a society where most people take what they see on TV as truth and/or fact, all I ask is that if you’re going to be quoting numbers and figures, for Pete’s sake! Get your facts straight!!! 😉



What the hell is going on with Google today?!

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At first I thought it was just me having some WTF moments. I thought it could be my network… or my laptop… or a million other things… SURELY the great Google can’t be DOWN!!! Can it?

Apparently it seems that it can… at least from my perspective. As of about 8:30 EST this morning, I’ve been unable to reach consistently and conducting any Google searches from the search toolbar has been spotty at best. Shoot, I can’t even do a Google search to see what the problem with Google might be! 😉 This is now the 2ndtime that I have personally experienced outages with Google’s services. The 1st time was when the Google IMAP Server Cloud went down in April. I don’t mean to criticize, but when your product is depended on by millions around the world, it MUST be dependable! That means ZERO outage… EVER!!!

LIVE TO THE RESCUE!!! Luckily, Microsoft’s Live ( search is still fully functional! Don’t you just LOVE having choices? Google down… no problem, just use Live!

As Raiders own put it (if he were in my shoes right now)… just Live baby! 😉



How do I? – Change the Site Template of a root site collection that has sub sites

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I was asked the following question in the support forums and thought it would be useful to blog about for others to use in the future.

Question: I created a new root site (site collection) and selected the wrong site template during the site creation process or I changed my mind and want to use a different site template than the one used during site creation. The problem is that sub sites have been created since then. How do I change the site template used for the root site of a site collection with sub sites?
Fellow MVP Shane Young blogged an article that comes closest to addressing this scenario here: Unfortunately, the scenario is based on WSS 2.0 and if you’re working with WSS 3.0, this might not work. So you are left having to either adapt Shane’s article to 3.0 or go with the simplest way possible which is the recreation of the site.  Microsoft’s conservative recommendation would be, as you already noted, to delete the site and then recreate it using the correct template. Since you have sub sites in this site collection, you will need to backup the sub sites BEFORE you can do this.  Of course, in the process of templatizing/backing up sub site, you could run into problems if you’re trying to save a site as a template and it exceeds the 10 MB limit.  Given that, I would recommend that you increase your site template site limit before templatizing sub sites.  Here are the steps I would recommend to resolve your issue:
  1. Schedule an outage of the sites and conduct this process off hours in order to ensure that nobody is making changes to the sites while you’re doing this.  COMMUNICATE this with your users clearly.  Users can get very testy about these things.  😉
  3. Increase your site template size limit.  Follow the instructions from this article:
  4. Templatize each sub site by using the “Save as Template” option on the Site Administration page.
  5. Clearly record the permissions for each sub site.
  6. Go to the site collection Site Template Gallery and download a local copy of all the site templates (.stp) to your computer.
  7. Delete each sub site.
  8. Delete the root site of the site collection.
  9. Create a new site collection, this time selecting the RIGHT template!  😉
  10. Go to the Site Template Gallery of the new site collection.
  11. Upload all the .stp files you downloaded in step 4.
  12. Each of the uploaded templates should now show up as options in the Create menu.  Recreate each site using its template in turn.
  13. Recreate the permissions for each site using the information captured in step 5.
  14. Navigate back to the site collection’s Site Template Gallery and delete all the .stp templates you uploaded in step 11.  This is to remove the sites as create options and is done for security reasons.
And that should do it! The hardest part of this process is capturing and re-establishing permissions on the sites, especially if your site administrators use fine grained permissions i.e. grant library, folder or item level permissions.  In such cases, it might not be possible to fully capture the complete permissions set without expending massive amounts of time. In cases where granular permissions are in play, I recommend leveraging an automated tool to backup the sites. AvePoint has a good tool that does a nice job of this called DocAve. You can download a 30 day trial of DocAve and use it if this is a onetime occurrence. Of course DocAve has many more features that might well make it worth owning for your environment. Luckily this kind of scenario doesn’t happen too often… right? 😉



Been quiet for a while…

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OK, so I’ve not posted for a while… well, since I went solo really. There are a lot more little time consuming overhead items involved in starting your own company. This has kept me busy for the past couple of weeks. Of course, a lot of my time has been consumed by my registrar consolidation

Stay tuned… much more useful and original content coming to this blog in the future… 😉