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Have you ever wondered why:

  • The windows on planes are set 6 inches below a useful height for anyone amongst us, save the shortest?  It’s almost like they don’t want us to look outside.  As a pilot, glass canopy and great visibility is always a raved about feature.  So why rob passengers of the experience?  Instead, you end up having to bend over to peek outside.  Hmm… maybe that’s it…
  • Families on vacation completely ignore the “Expert Traveler” sign and clog up the fast lane at airport security?
  • People would park their shopping kart broad way in the isle, completely blocking traffic, and then wander off to look for something?  Of course, you get the stink eye if you dare move the kart out of the way.  Like I wanted your groceries anyway…
  • Security at the local city/county building won’t allow a garage clicker in, but cell phones breeze right through?  Supposedly it’s a one button detonator… with about 200 feet range…
  • Marriage licenses are only valid for a short time, like 60 days?  Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding will tell you, it takes a YEAR to do.  Why not dispense with paperwork early and be done with it.  Oh right, that’ would be efficient…

I should probably put these in a running list…




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Cornelius J. van Dyk

Born and raised in South Africa during the 70's I got my start in computers when a game on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum crashed, revealing it's BASIC source code. The ZX had a whopping 48K of memory which was considered to be a lot in the Commodore Vic20 era, but more importantly, it had BASIC built into the soft touch keyboard. Teaching myself to program, I coded my first commercial program at age 15.

After graduating high school at 17, I joined the South African Air Force, graduating the Academy and becoming a Pilot with the rank of First Lieutenant by age 20. After serving my country for six years, I made my way back into computer software.

Continuing my education, I graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Computer Training Institute before joining First National Bank where my work won the Smithsonian Award for Technological Innovation in the field of Banking and Insurance. Soon I met Will Coleman from Amdahl SA, who introduced me to a little known programming language named Huron/ObjectStar. As fate would have it, this unknown language and Y2K brought me to the USA in 1998.

I got involved with SharePoint after playing around with the Beta for SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Leaving my career at Rexnord to become a consultant in 2004, I was first awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for SharePoint in 2005, becoming only the 9th MVP for WSS at the time. I fulfilled a life long dream by pledging allegiance to the Flag as a US citizen in 2006. I met the love of my life and became a private consultant in 2008. I was honored to receive my ninth MVP award for SharePoint Server in 2013.

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